Event Starts:
at 6:30PM
Event Ends:
at 9:15PM
Online Zoom Sessions

Social Circle

Virtual Social Group for athletes to hang out, chat, have fun and stay connected!  This group is open to all Special Olympics Athletes who have registered for the Fall Fit 5 Challenge who enjoy meeting new people, chatting and having fun!


Just yourself and a smartphone/tablet or computer to use Zoom!  Try and find a quiet space in your home without much background noise or pets around if you can!  If you need any help during the session you can ask your caregiver near by or raise your hand on Zoom and a coach will answer.

each athlete can only sign up for 1 time slot each week!!!

To Sign Up please click on the session time that works best for you each week and complete the form!  All times listed are NL Time!



NOV 12

NOV 19