Event Starts:
at 11:00AM
Event Ends:
at 12:00PM
Online Weekly Zoom Session

Mindfulness Monday

Pam Martin-McDonald is a retired professionally trained and award-winning body builder and now, is the owner of Meridian Health & Wellness.  Pam will host Mindfulness guided meditation sessions for all ability levels and ages!

Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar to the way that fitness is an approach to training the body.  In mindfulness meditation, we will pay attention to our thoughts as they pass through the mind.  We do not judge the thoughts or become involved with them.  We simply observe, like watching clouds pass by and take note of any patterns.  This practice combines concentration WITH awareness.  We will focus on the breath while observing any bodily sensations, thoughts, or feelings.  Pam will guide the session from beginning to end including periods of silence where the practicing of the watching can take place.  This mind is meant to think, there is no wrong way to meditate, we just practice with a kind curiosity.


Quite Space (Free from other noise and pets at home if possible)

Sturdy Chair (No wheels), feet touch floor when sitting on it.  Use foot stool or books if needed. OR

Blanket/Firm Cushion if you choose to sit on the floor

Dress comfortably!!

Please join the zoom session 15 minutes before the start time!

spots are limited - only 25 athletes per session - first come first serve

**For those that can't make it we will be broadcasting it on Facebook Live as well!!!