Special Olympics Athlete Art Contest!


We had amazing art work from all over Newfoundland and Labrador, some athletes even submitted work from other parts of Canada and the USA!

We have selected 16 pieces of artwork that will be showcased during our STEP into SPRING Challenge, National Volunteer Week and our current fundraiser #TakeandBakeFor2!

The theme of the amazing pieces is "What Does Special Olympics Mean to Me?"

-This are listed in order of appearance.



athletes and their work 

1. Aiden Dalton, mt. pearl

"Special Olympics means taking part in athletics with my friends"

2. Melanie Taylor, CBS Brightstars

"Special Olympics means to me that we are all stars"

3. Nadia Brenton, Mt. Pearl

"Special Olympics to me means winning medals, having fun, eating healthy, staying fit and making friends!"

4. Shannon Webber, Mt. Pearl

"Special Olympics mean to me, having good friends!"

5. Rodney Harris, Mt. Pearl

"Special Olympics means Bowling with friends."

6. Kayla Dawe, Tri Con Gentle Giants

"Special Olympics means Bowling, because it is my game."

7. Jesse Renouf, Bay St. George Bravehearts

"Special Olympics to me means meeting new people and seeing friends.  Everybody is happy and we have fun.  I enjoy all the sport including swimming, track, frisbee golf and lots of exercise, and most of all, I like dancing with my friends"

8. Ian Stryde, Gander Wings

"Special Olympics means helping me move my body and staying healthy. I like seeing my friends and travelling on trips."

9. Jessica Greeley, Mt. Pearl

"Special Olympics means, Sweet, Proud, Extraordinary, Challenging, Imaginative, Accepting, Loyal, Open minded, Loving, Young at heat, Mature, Precious, Illuminated, Confident, Supportive."

10. Andrea Barron, Exploits Hurricanes

"Special Olympics means all my friends growing and learning together." - Rainbow Tree

11. Megan Martin, Mt. Pearl

"Special Olympics means to me inclusion and friends. Including your friends who are different and just having fun with your friends and coaches."  - The circle background represents all my friends who have Down syndrome and the tree is for my friends with Autism.

12. Allison Reid, Exploits Hurricanes

"Special Olympics means having fun at competitions with my friends."

13. Tyler Robinson, St. John's Explorers

"Special Olympics means getting active with friends."

14. Ava Walsh, Mt. Pearl

"Special Olympics to me means friends. These are my friends from all different clubs across Newfoundland and Labrador."

15. Erica Machtinger, Special Olympics Ontario

"Special Olympics means inclusion, acceptance, belonging, cheering on other teammates, no name calling, not feeling left out, no put downs and being treated as equal."

16. Teresa Kocimski, Special Olympics WI, USA

"Special Olympics means hope, cognitive ability, volunteers, fitness, happiness, team, family, sports, coaches, goals, pledges, forgiveness, intellectual skills, new beginnings, challenges, friends and inspiration."