2016 BC Winter Games

SOBC Basketball

In February 2016, Special Olympics BC figure skaters from around the province competed at BC Games for the first time ever. The Penticton 2016 BC Winter Games included the debut of the Special Olympics figure skating event, and SOBC basketball players also competed in their own division for just the second time at BC Games. 

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Participating SOBC figure skaters

Participating SOBC basketball players


Special Olympics basketball

Special Olympics figure skating

Full BC Games sport schedules



Pool A Pool B
Fraser Valley (Zone 3) Fraser River (Zone 4)
Vancouver Island-Central Coast (Zone 6) Vancouver-Coastal (Zone 5)
Thompson-Okanagan (Zone 2) Cariboo-North East (Zone 8)
Time Game # Event Score
10-11 a.m. 1 Thompson-Okanagan (Zone 2) Fraser Valley (Zone 3) 3 def 2 - 38-10
11-noon 2 Cariboo-North East (Zone 8) Vancouver-Coastal (Zone 5) 5 def 8 - 31-11
12-1 p.m. 3 Thompson-Okanagan (Zone 2) Vancouver Island-Central Coast (Zone 6) 6 def 2 - 30-19
1-2 p.m. 4 Fraser River (Zone 4) Cariboo-North East (Zone 8) 8 def 4 - 29-13
2-3 p.m. 5 Vancouver Island-Central Coast (Zone 6) Fraser Valley (Zone 3) 3 def 6 - 52-6
3-4 p.m. 6 Fraser River (Zone 4) Vancouver-Coastal (Zone 5) 5 def 4 - 28-22
Time Game # Event Score
10-11 a.m. 7 3rd in Pool B 2nd in Pool A 4 def 6 - 36-10
11-noon 8 3rd in Pool A 2nd in Pool B 8 def 2 - 42-6
12-1 p.m. Lunch      
1-2 p.m. 9 1st in Pool B Winner of Game 7 5 def 4 - 48-30
2-3 p.m. 10 1st in Pool A Winner of Game 8 8 def 3 - 30-18
3-4 p.m. 11 Loser of Game 7 - Zone 6 Loser of Game 8 - Zone 2 2 def 6 - 30-28
Time   Venue Event Score
9-10 a.m. 12 (Bronze) Loser of Game 9 - Zone 4 Loser of 10 - Zone 3 4 def 3 - 29-28
10-11 a.m. 13 (Gold) Winner of Game 9 - Zone 5 Winner of Game 10 - Zone 8 5 def 8 - 25-19
11:30 a.m.

Medal Presentations

Gold - Zone 5
Silver - Zone 8
Bronze - Zone 4


Figure skating

Special Olympics Level 2 Women

  1. Jennifer Utendale, Zone 2
  2. Desiree Grubell, Zone 6
  3. Tracy Laberge, Zone 4

Special Olympics Level 3 Women

  1. Emily Walzak, Zone 6
  2. Kimberly Giesbrecht, Zone 6
  3. Krista Milne, Zone 4

Special Olympics Level 2 Men

  1. Eric Pahima, Zone 5
  2. Matthew MacDonald, Zone 6

Special Olympics Level 3 Men

  1. Matthew Lai, Zone 4

Media coverage

Post-Games recap of Vancouver Island results in the Oak Bay News

"As it was his first time travelling without parents or an assistant, he learned a great deal about taking care of himself,” said Debbie Seto-Kitson, mother of Victoria basketball player Myles Kitson. "At the end, he gained many new friends, greater confidence – both on and off the basketball court – and only lost a few basketball games and his water bottle."

Pre-Games coverage

Victoria figure skating athletes and coaches in the Goldstream Gazette and Oak Bay News

Zone 6 basketball players Myles Kitson and Adam Irwin-Gunn

Penticton basketball players Greg Ovenden and Tiffany Bjorndal happy to be competing in their hometown


The Penticton 2016 BC Winter Games are expected to have as many as 2,082 participants, including 1,495 athletes, 361 coaches, and 226 officials. These will be the 28th BC Winter Games and the fourth time Penticton has hosted the BC Games.

The BC Winter Games provide a competitive multi-sport environment that supports the development of athletes, coaches, and officials as they move on to higher levels of competition. BC Games alumni are successful on the national and international stage. Eighteen BC Games alumni represented Canada at the 2014 Olympics and Paralympics, including Jamie Benn (hockey), Denny Morrison (speed skating), Kelsey Serwa (ski cross) and Josh Dueck (Para alpine). Fifty-seven per cent of the Team BC athletes who competed at the 2015 Canada Winter Games were BC Games alumni.

These BC Games are distinct from Special Olympics BC Games, which are our Provincial Games hosted by SOBC solely for SOBC athletes.

SOBC athletes have been showcasing their skills in the generic BC Games for 12 years, competing in Special Olympics divisions. Prior to 2014, SOBC athletes at BC Games competed in athletics and swimming. Their expansion into BC Winter Games began in 2014 with basketball and continues in 2016 with the addition of figure skating.

“The BC Games are always an exciting opportunity for athletes and coaches to compete and learn. Our athletes get a lot out of competing and being part of the BC Games environment, and they put on a great demonstration of their skills as they participate alongside the mainstream athletes,” says Shawn Fevens, SOBC Manager, Sport.

These integrated competitive opportunities give SOBC athletes a chance to shine in front of their peers from generic sports.


Athlete/sport inquiries

Media inquiries

Megan Grittani-Livingston
SOBC Manager, Communications
Direct Line: 604-737-3077