Volunteer with Healthy Athletes

Join the more than 90,000 health care providers and students worldwide who have volunteered with the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program and changed the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

They came to help, but they discovered the experience helped them too, and in many cases changed their lives.

The health expertise volunteers possess spans the complete spectrum of medical disciplines from podiatry to dentistry to traditional sports medicine, but one thing they all have in common is the sense of accomplishment and joy they receive from working with athletes with intellectual disabilities at a Special Olympics Healthy Athletes screening.

Many volunteers come back event after event for years and say they get more out of the experience than they give. Health care volunteers receive free training on the specific health needs of people with intellectual disabilities, allowing them to go back to their practices and classrooms and better serve patients and teach students. Healthy Athletes screenings are also provided in a comfortable and fun atmosphere, so athletes and volunteers alike can enjoy themselves.

If you are a health care professional or student and want to make a difference with your time and expertise, please contact SOBC's Sport Coordinator (Health) to learn about the life-changing roles available!

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