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Team expectations

We are so looking forward to watching all Team BC athletes excel in your sport performances on the national stage. We are also going to be so proud of you for delivering on the contracts that you signed to be part of Team BC. You committed to our high expectations, and we know you are going to keep working hard and making everyone proud!

SO Team BC 2024 Athlete Expectations


Special Olympics Canada Games apparel

The Special Olympics Canada Winter Games Calgary 2024 have launched an online store where you can pre-purchase T-shirts, hoodies, athletic wear, toques, and more. 

Please click here to find their e-store!

Please direct all questions about this merchandise to the contacts indicated on the store website ‚Äď Team BC does not control this store.

If you choose to pre-order merchandise, it would be appreciated if you can let your mission staff know, so we can make sure to support item pickups.


Team newsletters


SOBC athlete health resources

More tools to help you be at your best

Travel and nutrition tips

Air travel is dehydrating and may cause jet lag. But you can reduce the impact by:

  • Packing nutritious snacks to avoid the salty airplane snacks
  • Drink at least 250mL each hour on a flight
  • Avoid coffee, tea, and caffeinated beverages

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific's tips for travelling athletes

Travel hygiene tips:

  • Frequent hand hygiene is important! Wash hands before preparing, handling, serving, or eating food.
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose, and eyes with unwashed hands.
  • Practice proper cough and sneeze etiquette. Cover your mouth and nose with your arm to reduce the spread of germs.
  • If you use a tissue, remember to dispose of it as soon as possible and wash your hands afterwards.

Training logs


Dryland training guides

Download these guides to enhance your training with dryland work!

General SOBC Dryland Training Guide


Winter sports


Performance Program Summer Dryland Training Manual


Mental training resources

Please click here


Dryland training videos

In this video filmed at a Special Olympics BC Performance Camp,¬†SOBC ‚Äď Abbotsford coach Tom Norton leads the athletes through a dryland circuit. The video contains both explanations and demonstrations that can be used for every sport as a off-season training program. This works out about an hour to an hour and a half. He starts with a dynamic warm up, circuit, hills, and stairs, and finishes with a sprint exercise.


Team media resources


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