Meet athlete Hazen Meade

Hazen Meade is a longtime athlete who embodies the determination and strength of the Special Olympics movement! Involved since 1996, Meade has racked up many medals and achievements on the playing fields and has competed on the national stage multiple times.

Hazen Meade racing across the snowshoe track with three snowshoers behind him
Hazen (right) giving it his all during the final stretch of his 800m race!

His most recent feat was competing in snowshoeing at the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games Calgary 2024, as part of Special Olympics Team BC 2024.

The 2024 National Games were a special opportunity for Hazen because he has family who lives in Alberta that came and watched him compete in person!

During the 800m snowshoeing race, Meade got off to a slow start as he found himself at the back of the group. Looking back at this moment, the SO Team BC snowshoeing coaches recalled that a comeback seemed insurmountable for Meade to capture a medal. 

However, as the snowshoers were nearing the finish line, Meade “found another gear,” as the coaches recounted. With an indomitable spirit supported by the loud cheers of his coaches, teammates, and family on the sidelines, Meade mounted a roaring comeback during the race’s final stretch to win a bronze medal!

Even after competing in seven previous National Games, the feeling of accomplishment and success never gets old for Meade. It was an especially memorable and powerful moment, as he got to compete with his family cheering him on. 

Meade came home with a bronze medal in the 800m race and a gold medal in the 4x400 relay, adding to his impressive collection of 18 total Special Olympics Canada Games medals!

Meade is an inspiring example of the power and confidence that can be built through Special Olympics. Get involved today with Special Olympics BC to provide empowering opportunities for athletes with intellectual disabilities!

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