SOBC Sport Start Soccer Videos

At-home training courtesy of Vancouver coaches Krysten and Daniel!

Special Olympics BC – Vancouver Sport Start soccer coaches Krysten and Daniel have created videos to help athletes continue training their sport skills at home! 

“Each of the videos will include segments on warming up, fitness, soccer skills, and cooling down. We hope that athletes will be able to follow along to these videos at home, allowing them to maintain their fitness and skill levels as well as be connected with the program. We miss you all and hope you are doing well!” –Krysten and Daniel

The idea is that athletes will be able to follow along to the videos from home, as they don't require much space or equipment. The soccer drills do require a ball – if you don't have a ball and would like one, please contact SOBC Sport Manager Helen Cheung who can connect with your Local and help get you those resources. 

You can also watch their videos on their YouTube channel!

Week 1

This week's video is just a short keep up challenge! If you don't have a ball, feel free to be creative and find something else to use!

Week 2


Cone Dribbling Drill

Coach Daniel made an awesome drill for players to practice dribbling around pylons (but in his case, cans)!

Pass Around the Defender

Coach Krysten put together a video that has a warm-up, a fitness component, a few soccer skills and a cool down!

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5