School of Strength

Check out Special Olympics International's School of Strength workout with WWE Superstar Becky Lynch! 

Here’s what you’re going to need for this workout:

A rug, towel, or exercise mat; a bottle of water; a chair, wall, or sturdy surface you can lean on; and space to spread your arms wide

Start with the warm-up video. Complete this video one time through. This is your introduction to the School of Strength. Use the stretches in this video to warm up before every workout. Warming up prepares your muscles for exercise. That helps you perform better, and keeps you from feeling sore after your workout. You’ll increase your flexibility, and protect yourself from getting hurt. Let’s go!

1.    Warm-Up

Once you’re done the warm-up, grab a sip of water and start the next video. Get ready to ignite your endurance, Superstars! These exercises help strengthen your heart and lungs. This helps you to practice or exercise longer and with fewer breaks.

2.    Endurance

Great work! Grab another sip of water before we move onto part 3! Get ready to feel the burn. Work out with this video to build muscles in your back, stomach, legs, and arms. These exercises help your body stay strong and fit by building healthy bones and muscles.

3.    Strength

You’re almost there! Grab another sip of water, you’ve made it to your final challenge. Get ready to boost your balance! Balance affects everything that you do. Training with this video can improve your skills in every single sport. It even helps prevent injuries.

4.    Balance

Looking for more at-home workout tools? Check out the full Special Olympics School of Strength site!