Randy Scott

Special Olympics Team BC 2020 Alpine Skiing Head Coach
Randy Scott

When and how did you get involved with Special Olympics?


Will this be your first Special Olympics Canada Games? If not, which other National Games were you part of and in what role(s)?  

I think this is number nine.

What does it mean to you to be part of Special Olympics Team BC 2020?

I am "Over the Top," as these Games I have the great pleasure of coaching together with my daughter Devyn, who was not born when this magical Ride that Special Olympics has given me began!!! It is also my first Games coaching with Misty, and I am once again being able to share this national experience with my dear friend Mark Schnurr, who has been to every nationals that I have attended.

What is your favourite Special Olympics experience to date?

Ya right!! Refer to my book!!!

What does competing at National Games mean to your athletes? (or, if this is your first National Games, competition in general)

Hopefully it is going to be the Games of their lives! And my goal as a coach is to make sure this happens.

What storylines are you excited to see develop in your Team BC sport team leading up to the National Games?     

Just you wait and see!

What would you say about Special Olympics to encourage someone to get involved? 

Don't get me started! You have not got the time to spend listening to me carry on, unless you can sit for HOURS!!! Send any candidates my way, and they will be hooked!