Online Coach Education

Special Olympics BC’s coach training and resources are intended to benefit our amazing coaches by offering professional development opportunities, and they benefit athletes by elevating the level of training in our year-round programs province-wide. 
Special Olympics BC is so grateful to the dedicated volunteer coaches who make the Special Olympics movement possible and who change so many lives! 

While Special Olympics BC continues our slow, phased return to face-to-face programs and events, we are still committed to creating virtual coach education opportunities to support our amazing community. And coaches can always access the SOBC website resources:

These sport-specific webinars are for coaches only, and are open to all Special Olympics BC coaches.


Basic Sport Skills

Through his work with Special Olympics BC and the Coach Development Workshops, sport performance expert Jacques Thibault has created a basic sport skills package for every SOBC sport. These packages outline the basic skills that each athlete should be able to do as a foundation for their sport. The packages are valuable for coaches because they contain tips for coaching skill progression, assessment checklists, and lesson planning tools.

These tools can be used by both coaches and athletes to help with at-home sport-specific skill training.

Please click here to find the Basic Skill Acquisition packages for all 18 SOBC sports, plus videos for some sports (more coming soon!).

These packages identify the fundamental skills that an athlete should have to participate with confidence and ability in their chosen sport. By focusing on having great basic sport skills, any athlete in our program can achieve success as they will work at their own pace to gain skills and increase their physical literacy. With mastery of basic skills, athletes achieve:

  • the ability to stay involved in sports for the rest of their lives,
  • the capacity to increase their level of competition,
  • a heightened standard for performance in B.C., and 
  • the confidence and competence to participate in recreational and sport opportunities outside Special Olympics.

SO International tools

Special Olympics International has compiled some external tools for coaches to use as you navigate remote coaching, athletes training at home, and a new way of working. Please keep in mind that these are just a few examples. They will not all be suitable for every coach or every athlete, but they will all give you possibilities, ideas, and food for

Coaching Courses

Required for Special Olympics BC

During this time, Special Olympics BC completely respects and understands that many coaches are facing unprecedented demands on their time. However, for those who may be looking for opportunities to enhance their own skills and support SOBC athletes, this could be a helpful time to look into what (if anything) you may need to do to complete your SOBC coaching requirements to take your athletes to future competitions.

Among the courses that can be completed online during this time are:

  • Special Olympics Canada Volunteer Orientation – free and can be completed anytime – please click here
  • NCCP Making Ethical Decisions (MED) course – please visit viaSport British Columbia’s events calendar to find available courses, and please contact SOBC Sport Coordinator Christopher Delahunty (details below) to discuss fee options.

Further information regarding all SOBC coach requirements, please review the SOBC Coaching Courses Pathway and the Coach Certification website page

Additional Opportunities

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and Special Olympics Canada (SOC) have online modules designed to enhance coaches’ skills and abilities. These modules are accessible through your online NCCP account in the eLearning section.
If you don’t know your NCCP number or account information, please contact SOBC’s Helen Cheung (details below) before proceeding. She can create or resend your account information.

Directions to the NCCP Multi-Sport and/or SOC Online Modules:

  1. Go to The Locker’s login page.
  2. Log in using your NCCP number, email, and password. (If you need assistance, please contact Chris Delahunty before creating anything new.)
  3. Once logged in and on your home screen, click the ELEARNING option in the navigation bar.
  4. This will take you directly to the NCCP Multi-Sport Online Modules.
  5. To access the SOC online modules, please click the box for “Multi-Sport” – a drop-down menu will open, where you can select “Special Olympics.”

Many of these Online Modules are FREE!

A number of the NCCP Multi-Sport Modules are free:

  1. Developing Athletic Abilities pre-workshop session
  2. Making Head Way – concussion awareness and guidelines for concussion in sport
  3. NCCP Emergency Action Plan
  4. Safe Sport Training (Note: Please select Sport then Special Olympics – do not select Multi-Sport)

All four of the SOC Online Modules are free:

  1. Coaching Athletes with Down Syndrome
  2. Diversity and Inclusion in Action
  3. Exercise-Induced Asthma Training
  4. Supporting Individuals with Autism in Recreation Settings

additional sources for opportunities


Please do not hesitate to contact SOBC Sport Manager Helen Cheung by email or by cell phone at 604-737-3055.