Event Starts:
at 7:00PM
Event Ends:
at 8:30PM

SOBC Club Fit Coach Development Webinar

Special Olympics BC's Coach Development Workshops and online webinars are opportunities for our valued coaches to focus on learning, networking, and sharing ideas with one another.

Participating coaches gain tips on training sport-specific fundamental skills, mentoring from longtime coaches, opportunities to discuss program-specific needs, resources to support athlete health, and much more! Coaches increase the reach of the program by sharing the empowering education with the athletes and fellow coaches in their communities. 

These workshops are not only for high-performance instructors – coaches from all different levels and backgrounds are encouraged to attend! The goal of the program is to empower the broadest possible range of coaches and, in turn, their athletes.

Register for thE Club fit webinar on November 24 


Bailey Macklem, Sport Coordinator - Health 

Tel 604-737-3081
Email bmacklem@specialolympics.bc.ca

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In the 2022-23 season, SOBC is hosting both in-person Coach Development Workshops and virtual Coach Development Webinars. To see all upcoming events, click into the event calendar and use the "Filter by Type" Coach Education selection!

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