Event Starts:
at 9:00AM
Event Ends:
at 11:00AM
  • Athletics

SOBC Athletics Coach Development Webinar

Adding to our online coach education opportunities, Special Olympics BC will be hosting the second virtual SOBC Athletics Coach Development Webinar on May 24! This workshop will be open to all Special Olympics BC athletics coaches, and is the second in a series.

These sport-specific workshops are for coaches only. Coaches who are interested in participating are asked to please email SOBC Sport Coordinator Christopher Delahunty so he can provide the workshop link.

Upcoming SOBC Coach Development Webinars are being planned for softball, basketball, bocce, soccer, and 10-pin bowling. Please stay tuned to our website and social media channels for announcements!


  • Tom Norton, SOBC – Abbotsford athletics Head Coach and 2015 Special Olympics North America Coach of the Year
  • Jacques Thibault, sport performance expert and SOBC Sport Contractor
  • Christopher Delahunty, SOBC Sport Coordinator


To be announced.


Participating coaches are asked to ensure you have your NCCP number ready so this webinar can be added to your NCCP Locker. If you do not have one, please let Chris know before the workshop and he will be happy to assist.

The webinar will be recorded for future SOBC resource use, but no participants will be required to have their electronic device's camera on to display themselves. If/when you wish to ask questions, you may do so via the messaging chat feature of the webinar; this and more will be discussed during the webinar introduction.

Participants are asked to join the webinar 5 minutes before the official start time in order to allow time to test and set up technical requirements.