Conversations of Inclusion

Special Olympics has been working to rededicate our efforts to the unfinished business of equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout our movement. Through a new series called "Conversations of Inclusion," we hope to spark meaningful conversations, learn from the experiences of our athletes, and create change, based on the responses we receive from you! Please share your comments on these posts on Special Olympics BC's social media accounts through July and early August, or send directly to SOBC Communications Manager Megan Pollock by email or phone/text at 604-737-3077.

July 17

What does an inclusive world look like to you?


"Inclusion to me means that we can all do sports no matter because of disability even though we have abilities. I love being a part of Special Olympics because of the inclusion and we show everyone what we are capable of."

"It means being included and including your friends and teammates."

"Everyone is kind and respectful to others, regardless of race, gender, disability, etc."

"People helping each other."

July 20

Have you been affected by systemic forms of exclusion?

July 22

How do you embrace people who are different than you?


"Everyone has something to offer and everyone has a story to tell."

"Believing that everyone is equal and deserves the same respect and love."

"If we just allow ourselves to be open enough to accept 5 minutes of their time to get to know them, they will give you a lifetime of life lessons, respect, and knowledge, through which we can all grow together as friends."

"For me, it's sharing to others what I'm good at and what I value the most in my life. And if people don't like who I am, I smile and wave like the penguins in Madagascar :)"

"With open arms and an open mind."

"Same as everyone - I was always taught to treat people the way you would like to be treated."

July 28

Have you found barriers in your life that have prevented you from full participation and equal opportunities in your community?

July 30

How are you supporting and uplifting your teammates?


"I try to help by paying close attention to updates and news from reputable sources, and sharing them to our Local’s Facebook Page the second I see them. Engaging in group discussions. Sharing what activities we did during the week with a teammate and coach."

August 5

How have you seen inclusion make an impact in your world?


"I have found that over the years, more businesses are more willing to hire people like us. Not only that, more of said businesses, are willing to work with us, as we are willing to work with and for them. Where I work, there’s another Special Olympics athlete in my department! There are a few other SO athletes in my Local who are employed by various businesses, and they have job duties that for most are slightly modified (if at all). Additionally, I have gradually seen more gyms and generic clubs openly embracing us like any other client/patron. The powerlifting crew and myself are like any other clients at the gym, and we even go work out on our own, especially as of the past few months. I ran in two charity runs last year, and there’s no one there to say I couldn’t. As long as I, like the other participants, was able to complete the distance."

August 14

Why is inclusion the answer to create a better world for all?


"Inclusion creates a sense of belonging and emits positive thoughts and behaviors, encouraging others to act in positive ways as well. We believe in inclusion for all!"

"Everybody has opportunities and has something to contribute. People should not be defined by their disabilities."

August 18

How is your involvement with Special Olympics supporting you during these times?

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