Dawson Creek

SOBC - Dawson Creek athletes
SOBC – Dawson Creek athletes celebrate their year-end award ceremonies. (pre-COVID photo)

Special Olympics BC – Dawson Creek is always welcoming athletes and volunteers to get involved in our joyful community!

Please click the button below to learn about the strong safety protocols in our programs, and complete your registration forms.

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*Please note: In the 2021-22 season, filling out the registration forms does not automatically mean you’ll be able to participate in everything you signed up for. We might not be able to offer all sports, due to the unique circumstances of this season. Even so, it is still important to fill out your complete registration form with your usual requests. We need to know what athletes and coaches are interested in, so we can make the best possible plans for our community under the circumstances. Thank you for registering and reconnecting with us!

About SOBC – Dawson Creek

Special Olympics BC – Dawson Creek is home to 70 athletes in the core and youth programs. SOBC – Dawson Creek currently offers 5-pin and 10-pin bowling, curling, alpine skiing, golf, Club Fit, and speed skating.

SOBC – Dawson Creek is currently looking for the following volunteer positions to help ensure the success of the programs: Secretary, Public Relations Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, Registration Coordinator, 5-pin bowling Assistant Coaches, powerlifting Head Coach, and Club Fit Assistant Leaders.

If you are interested in volunteering or participating as an athlete, please contact Deanna Larson.

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Deanna Larson
Local Coordinator


Haily Augustin
Community Development Coordinator 
Tel 250-570-1455