SOBC - Castlegar bowling team smiling and posing for group photo
SOBC – Castlegar bowling team

Special Olympics BC – Castlegar is always welcoming athletes and volunteers to get involved in our joyful community!

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Please note that our community might not currently offer all of the sports listed on the registration form. After you submit your form, Special Olympics will contact you to confirm your registration and local details. Thank you for joining our joyful community!

About SOBC – Castlegar

Special Olympics BC – Castlegar consists of a great group of enthusiastic athletes and volunteers. Our Local is currently offering 5-pin bowling,  floor hockey, and swimming, for athletes of all ages. We also offer Active Start / FUNdamentals for children with intellectual disabilities however we are actively recruiting for Coaches.

At this time we are looking to fill the Local Committee roles of Local Coordinator,  Fundraising Coordinator, PR Coordinator, Treasurer, and Program Coordinator, as well as welcoming volunteers/coaches and athletes to join our amazing local. 

Please contact us to join our joyful community!

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Melainie Hatt - CDC Region 1