Plunge FAQs

Is the registration fee still $50 for the virtual event?

Yes, the registration fee is still $50 per person for the virtual event. With this fee, you will also receive a $25 tax receipt (emailed directly to the email address you register with) and the registration-level incentive – a SUPER SWEET polar bear mask – which will be mailed to you in the new year or shortly after registering (to the mailing address you include when you register).

Will my team still have access to an online team fundraising page?

You bet you still get a team fundraising page! This year’s platform is slightly different but should have better functionality to help facilitate your fundraising. If you collect any offline donations, please fill out the Pledge Form and email us to coordinate collection of funds. A charitable donation receipt will be issued by Special Olympics Alberta for all cash and cheque donations over $25 where donors have completed their contact information in full on the pledge form. 

Is there a specific timeframe in which we have to plunge and fundraise?

Our virtual Polar Plunge season has been extended until March 31st! This means you have a lot of flexibility as to when you can do your plunge and you have lots of time to fundraise and earn incentives!

As a bonus, we're drawing for a YETI COOLER! Yep, you read right! We were given a last minute prize and want to use it to help encourage a last push of fundraising to get us to our $100,000 goal! So, from March 10 - March 30, every $100 that you fundraise will earn you an entry into this very final draw!

When should I do my plunge? 

Other programs that have run virtual plunges have found that, if you complete your plunge early in the plunge season and post your video to your fundraising page, people are more inclined to donate money to your page. Either way, you can plunge anytime throughout the plunge season that works for you! 

What do I do with my Plunge video once I record it? 

A virtual plunge means we won't be able to capture your #freezinforareason experience. But that means we can get creative with sharing your plunge videos with the polar plunge community! So, we are asking all plungers to share your plunge videos with us by posting it to social media, tagging us @PlungeAlberta, and making sure the post is public so we can share to our channels. 

We are also asking that you send your videos via WeTransfer to The videos that we receive will be uploaded to our 2021 Virtual Plunge video website (coming soon), which we hope will facilitate a community of virtual togetherness. WeTransfer is a free cloud-based online platform designed to allow you to transfer different types of files to other users on the Internet. Click HERE to upload your video, copy the link, and then send your submission to

How do I do my plunge?  

The beauty of the virtual polar plunge is that you have the ability to get as creative as you want! Whether snow angels, cold buckets of water, or in a kiddie pool in your backyard, the opportunities are almost endless! Have some fun and get creative! We have some videos coming out each Monday (starting Dec 21, running for about 6 weeks - @PlungeAlberta) of “virtual plunge ideas” to get folks started. Pretty much any crazy idea that you come up with is allowed (just be safe, obviously)! If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

What’s happening with the Opening Ceremonies? 

Since this year’s plunge is fully virtual, we had an exciting online ceremony to kick off the plunge season here in Alberta on January 31st at 11:00 a.m. MT. It was live streamed on Facebook and YouTube for everyone to tune in. If you missed it, you can watch it HERE.

Did I hear something about 10 awesome bonus prizes this year?

You did! Mr. Lube, one of our longstanding provincial sponsors and they are back in a big way for our 10th anniversary. Each Wednesday from Jan 6 to March 10, we have a new INCREDIBLE prize to give away thanks to Mr. Lube! You earn entries into that weeks draw by fundraising increments of $100 – each $100 = 1 entry! It resets each week, and the prizes and winners are announced on our social media channels - @PlungeAlberta!