Athlete Leadership

Athlete Leader Warren Pattison

Athlete Leadership empowers athletes to develop leadership skills and utilize their voices and abilities to undertake meaningful leadership roles, influence change in the Special Olympics movement and create inclusive communities around the world. As athletes gain the confidence that comes with achievement, they feel empowered and ready to take on new challenges to make use of all their abilities.

All across the province our athletes are developing their inner excellence on and off the court. They compete and volunteer at competitions, represent fellow athletes in their area, mentor new athletes, and are public speakers. They are proving that people with intellectual disabilities are vibrant, active, talented members of Special Olympics and in communities in which they participate.


Athlete Leadership in Alberta

  • Provincial Athlete Leadership Council has been active in Alberta for 4 years. Find out more about our Provincial Athlete Leadership Council and our members
  • Council holds 10 members that include region representatives and members at large.
  • Regions include: North, Central, South, Edmonton and Calgary.
  • There are four local athlete leadership councils: Edmonton, Calgary, Grande Prairie and St. Albert.
  • Alberta will hold an Athlete Leadership Conference which brings together athletes all across the province to empower and provide a platform for athlete voices.