OPPORTUNITY: SOA Board Athlete Representative

Exciting news – we are recruiting an Athlete Representative for the Special Olympics Alberta Board of Directors!

Representation at our Board level is incredibly important and each voice matters. Diverse perspectives help to make our decision-making process at all levels as strong as it can be, and we need your help to find new members!


The Special Olympics Alberta Board of Directors is looking for an athlete leader to sit on the provincial board and represent the athlete members of SO! This is a great opportunity to gain experience, develop skills, and contribute to Special Olympics here in Alberta. Our board prides itself on a commitment to quality and representing Special Olympics with the utmost degree of integrity and respect and we are excited to onboard our new Athlete Representative!

You will find below an overview of the role of a board member as well; as well as the process that we go through to select the athlete that will sit on the board.


The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring there is a clear vision for Special Olympics Alberta that is founded in championing the health and social benefits afforded to Albertans with an intellectual disability through Special Olympics programs. The Board meets six times per year, a combination of in-person and virtual

  • October - Annual General Meeting
  • November - two-day planning and orientation meeting
  • February, May, June, and September

Athlete Eligibility Criteria

  • Is in good standing (is registered and active with their local affiliate)
  • Is endorsed by their AMC
  • Is currently on or has had experience being a member of their AMC, local Athlete Leadership Committee or has been a proven leader at the community level

Athlete Board Member Expectations

  1. Act as an ambassador of Special Olympics Alberta to corporate, community, government or Special Olympics organizations;
  2. Demonstrate leadership within the Special Olympics community
  3. Attend and participate in all meetings ensuring that they work with their mentor to ensure that they are prepared.
  4. Sit on the Provincial Athlete Leadership Council as the Board representative.

Position Term: Three years, AGM October 2022 – AGM October 2025

Athlete Application and Selection

If you are an athlete or affiliate interested in nominating an athlete, please contact Courtney Roy croy@specialolympics.ab.ca to find out more about the process. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, May 31st, 2022.

Applications will be reviewed by the Board Nomination’s Committee. Some athlete’s may be interviewed in order to assist in making a final selection. The athlete selected to sit on the board would start their term at the 2022 AGM in October.

To apply as an athlete, or nominate an athlete for the role, click here: https://forms.office.com/r/HKsdzwKZij