Application for Provincial Director

**application Deadline - October 11th**

General Responsibilities

The Director of the Alberta Law Enforcement Torch Run (ALETR) is accountable to oversee and guide the provincial Torch Run program working in partnership with the Torch Run Manager and Special Olympics Alberta CEO.


Summary of Accountabilities

The Director of the ALETR is a volunteer position which acts as an important member of the provincial leadership team for the Torch Run.  Working closely with ALETR/SOA Staff, the Director will oversee the Torch Run Operations Committee and work with them on their ongoing initiatives.  The Director will also sit on the ALETR Torch Run Executive Committee and provide insight into provincial initiatives.


Additional Responsibilities

  • Liase with the Torch Run Manager on daily activities, partnerships and strategic direction of the Torch Run
  • Attend annual events in person: International Torch Run Conference (September), Provincial Operations Committee Meetings, National Torch Run Meetings (May) and ALETR Annual Conference (November). *All meeting expenses will be covered by the ALETR.
  • Conduct quarterly conference meetings/calls with the Provincial Operations Committee
  • Strategically address issues with Law Enforcement Officers/Agencies as they arise as it pertains to Torch Run events, incidents, volunteers etc.
  • Lead efforts for succession planning to ensure ongoing success for the Torch Run
  • Continually represent the ALETR and Special Olympics Alberta in the highest regard



  • Strong oral and written skills to effectively deal with all aspects of the Torch Run
  • Good presentation skills
  • Ability to provide financial oversight
  • Self-motivated and passionate about the advancement of ALETR and Special Olympics
  • Previous or current Torch Run involvement
  • Must be in good standing with his/her current Service/Agency

Terms of Reference for Operations Committee.


Please note that the deadline to complete your application is October 11th. To suppliment your application, we require a letter of support for the position from your Chief/Senior Command. Please email this to Alberta LETR Manager, Lorrie Sitler, at