Special Olympics Canada | Olympiques Spéciaux Canada
40,301 children, youth & adults

with an intellectual disability are registered in Special Olympics programs.

30 official members

of the Special Olympics Champions Network

Team Canada

The Transformative Power of Sports

“The greatest success is the transformative nature of our programs,” says Glassco.“They emphasize abilities, rather than disabilities. If our programs do one thing, they highlight the champion in all of us.”

Lindsay Glassco, Special Olympics Canada’s President and CEO, was profiled in a feature  story in the Fall/Winter edition of the McGill News. In The Transformative Power of Sports, Lindsay (McGill, Class of ’87)  speaks frankly and optimistically about Special Olympics Canada’s programs and her vision of the future of our organization.

Our thanks to McGill News for this story.

(Photo: Alyssa Bistonath)