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Special Olympics Golfers Gain Self-Confidence and Form New Friendships at the Range and on the Links


Sports have always been an integral part of Josh Bailey’s family. Josh has multiple challenges as the result of a car accident when he was a young child but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying the power of golf.

In 1997, Josh’s mother registered them both for lessons. According to his mother Val, Josh became a “one-armed golfer and has never looked back.” Josh loves golf and continues to improve. He takes great satisfaction when he drives further than her or chips in for par and an even birdie. It’s become a wonderful activity for them to enjoy together and Val continues encouraging his participation in this complex sport.

“We are all faced with challenges in our life and some are more than others. I work very diligently [sic] with Josh, encourage and push when I can and I am so proud of him and the young man he is today,” says Val.

Josh also golfs with the Saskatchewan Blind Golf and when it’s not golf season he enjoys 10-pin bowling with the Special Olympics.

This weekend, Josh will be one of 54 Special Olympics athletes from across Canada gathered for Special Olympics Canada’s first national golf tournament, hosted at the Chippewa Creek Golf Club in Mount Hope, Ontario.

PGA of Canada co-developed a training program with Special Olympics Canada, working with coaches and volunteers nationwide to prepare athletes from acrossCanadafor this premiere event.

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