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Special Olympics Canada Launches New Coaching Course for Program Leaders of Active Start and Fundamentals Programs

Special Olympics Canada (SOC) is proud to announce the launch of its Coaching Young Athletes course. This course fits into the Community – Initiation stream of the National Coaching Certification Program and is intended for coaches of SOC’s Active Start and Fundamentals programs.

The Active Start and Fundamentals programs are based on the principles of SOC’s Long Term Athlete Development plan. Active Start is designed for children 2-6 years old and teaches young athletes the fundamental movement skills such as walking, swimming, running, jumping and balance and engages them in developmentally appropriate play. Participation in an Active Start program ensures that an athlete receives developmentally appropriate training from a young age.

The FUNdamentals program is for children aged 7-12 and it focuses on the values of positive movement experiences during childhood development, the importance of nutrition, and engages children in the development of sport specific skills. Learning preliminary motor skills like throwing, catching, kicking and striking will help athletes be better prepared to participate in sports such as softball, soccer and basketball.

For more information on where you can take this course, contact your local Special Olympics program or your provincial/territorial chapter.