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of Special Olympics athletes work. They are 5 times more likely to work than adults with an intellectual disability not enrolled in Special Olympics.

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Ethan Bushey-Mountain is a TSN Powerade24 athlete!

If you haven’t seen Ethan’s Powerade 24 athlete clip, make sure to watch it here!

Ethan has overcome a great deal in his path to becoming an active SOBC track and field athlete and member of Team BC 2014. His family was initially told they should not expect him to walk or talk, after he suffered four strokes at six weeks old and developed a life-threatening seizure disorder. But Ethan grew into an active boy and thrived in playing box lacrosse between the ages of five and 12, all while dealing with his autism, sensory integration disorder, Tourette syndrome, OCE, and one to 50 seizures per day.

Another hurdle: In 2009 Ethan had surgery that stopped his seizures but took away the entire left field of his vision, and forced him to relearn how to walk while managing the vision impairment. His lacrosse-playing days ended, but that is when his Special Olympics track and field days began. “I don’t know how we ever went without it,” said Ethan’s mom, Nat Mountain.

Coaches describe Ethan as a pleasure to train, an athlete who always works hard and gives his best with a positive attitude, drive, and determination. As a Team BC athlete, he has risen to the occasion magnificently. For the first time, Mountain says, Ethan is strategically training to give himself the best chance of success at a long-term goal. He talks about training every day now and runs the track/treadmill/swims regularly over and above his comprehensive Special Olympics schedule.

“As a coach I have seen Ethan grow from a boy into a young man full of determination, drive, dedication, and inner strength. He has the persistence to stick to the plan and give his best. He has goals and works hard to achieve them,” says Ethan’s athletics coach Deborah Carter, also part of Team BC 2014. “He will jump farther and run faster and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for all of us to see.”

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