Special Olympics Canada | Olympiques Spéciaux Canada
20,505 volunteers

and coaches deliver Special Olympics programs in hundreds of communities across Canada

1968 The year Special Olympics was founded

by Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

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Special Olympics Canada depends on our volunteers, athletes, coaches and partners to continue to provide the high-quality programming and services we have become known for since our beginning.

  • Be a Coach

    Becoming a coach with Special Olympics provides you with an opportunity that can be incredibly rewarding. Providing our athletes with the tools and encouragement they need for a positive experience, whether in competitive or community-related sports, is of great benefit to all of us involved with the movement.

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  • Be a Volunteer

    Becoming a volunteer is one of the greatest things one can do, and Special Olympics Canada is a great place to do just that. Focusing on enriching the lives of both those involved in the program, as well as those overseeing it, the experience of donating your time with us is full of rewards and moments that make it more than worth it.

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  • Be an Athlete

    Since the start of Special Olympics Canada, promoting an active involvement with sport has been our primary concern. As an athlete, you will be able to take part in our many programs designed to enrich the lives of those involved. Along with this, there are several programs and services provided to ensure that both your health and wellbeing are considered.

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  • Become a Partner

    Special Olympics Canada has become the successful organization it is based on the support and involvement of so many organizations and individuals. Our partners, some of whom have been involved since the beginning, play an integral role in our growth and development, and we look forward to a prosperous future with each one of them.

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  • Donate

    Your contribution, no matter the size, will aid us in ensuring that the thousands of individuals who use our programs are able to continue to do so. Largely volunteer-based, you can be certain that your donation will be put to use to directly benefit those who we work hard to support.

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  • Join Team Canada

    Being a part of Team Canada allows you to bring your enthusiasm and enjoyment of Special Olympics to the whole world. Competing on an international level, our athletes gain an experience that will last them a lifetime.

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  • Join The Torch Run

    Between law enforcement officers of the country and our organization there is a shared belief that everyone has a fundamental right to dignity, acceptance and respect. It is this belief that makes the Torch Run such an important event for us, and so much more than just a fundraiser.

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