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Affiliate Management

Affiliate Management Committee (AMC) Roles & Responsibilities 
Affiliate Accreditation Application (Online Form / PDF)
Community Program Accreditation Application (Online Form / PDF) 
Affiliate Accreditation & Registration Checklist
Community Program Accreditation & Registration Checklist
Registration Procedure  

Crisis Management  NEW!
Crisis Management Plan
Crisis Communication Plan
Crisis Communications
Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
EAP Checklist
Quick Links

Local Affiliate/Community Program Pages
New Athlete Registration Form
Returning Athlete Registration Form
New Volunteer/Coach Registration
Returning Volunteer/Coach Registration 

Online Orientation
Expense Report Form
Incident Report
Tax Receipt Request Form

Last updated: October 12, 2016
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Online Tournament Sanction Form
Special Olympics Alberta Sports
Coach Training
New Athlete Registration Form
Returning Athlete Registration Form
Athlete Code of Conduct


Year End Financial Report Template
Tax Receipt Request Form COMING SOON!
Sample Tax Receipt 
Expense Report Form
AGM Affiliate Travel Grant Application

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Recruitment    
   Sample AMC Descriptions
   Sample Program Volunteer Descriptions
   Casual Volunteer Sign-In Sheet
   Volunteer Fair Sign-Up Sheet NEW!
   Online Volunteer Recruitment Websites 

Volunteer Screening
   Step-by-Step Volunteer Onboarding Process  
   Police Information Check 
      (Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, 
      Medicine Hat, RCMP)
   PIC Authorization Letter Template
   Sample Interview Questions
   Sample Reference Check Questions
New Volunteer/Coach Registration
Returning Volunteer/Coach Registration
Volunteer/Coach Code of Conduct

Volunteer Orientation
   E-learning @ Special Olympics Canada

Volunteer Recognition Program
   Recognition Gift Order Form 
   SOA Awards

Volunteer Exit Survey 

Marketing & Fundraising

Brand Guidelines 
   Special Olympics Branding Identity Guidelines
   Affiliate Branding
   Games and Tournament Branding
   SO Sports Icons Guidelines

   Custom Affiliate Brochure Template
   Custom Affiliate Poster Template
   Custom Business Card Template 
   Social Media Avatars 
   PowerPoint Presentation Template 
   Giving Tuesday

   FAQs_SO Canada
   FAQs SO Alberta
   Key Messages
   Social Media Guidelines
   Language Guidelines

   Donation Request Letter 
   Fundraising Event Sanction Form
   Fundraising Ideas
   Fundraising Tips       
   BMW Raffle Poster

   Casino Revenue Sharing Model 2012-13
   Casino Volunteer Schedule Template

Best Practices
   Social Media Best Practices 
   Media Relations 101