Developing Sport Skills

FUNdamentals is one of two initiatives developed by Special Olympics Canada for young athletes, along with Active Start (for children ages two to six). FUNdamentals focuses on developing basic sport skills while creating a level of enjoyment for physical activity in young athletes. Through these ideals we hope that this will encourage athletes to live a healthy active life through sport.FUNdamentals uses activity sessions that look at specific sport skills such as transportation skills, kicking, throwing and catching that can be transferred into a number of various sports and can be used in everyday tasks.

Age: 7 - 12 years
Priority: Development of Fundamental Movement Skills
Objective: Physical Literacy
Skills: Basic Sport Movement Skills like running, kicking and hitting


One of the best parts of running and coaching Active Start / Fundamentals is seeing the smiles and joy the kids have with   the things we do. 

All these kids came to Active Start wanting to learn and be part of a team. Now these kids have learned the basics of sports, team playing, patience and made some great friends. This class brings me such satisfaction and as a mother of special needs kids, it warms my heart that there are programs out there that help them succeed.We ended our last session with a baseball team that came to do drills with us, the kids were in heaven and loved every moment! 

- Melody Willier


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Main contact: Nadine Chyz
Active Start

2017-18 season TBD



Main contact: Jason Delwo and Lyndsey Delwo



Main contact: Celina Comeau


Grande Prairie

Main contact: Kelly Hollahan & Bethe Goldie


Main contact: Nicole van Rootselaar



Medicine Hat

Main Contact: Jaelynn Funk


West Central (Spruce Grove)

Main Contact: Melody Willier



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To register an athlete in a program contact your local Special Olympics program or the contact person provided. For general inquiries about the Active Start and FUNdamentals programs please contact: 

Riley McCaig
Youth & Sport Development