Policies & Bylaws

Special Olympics Alberta Bylaws


Special Olympics Alberta Bylaws


Provincial Governance Policies

Management Governance Policies 

P-1001 Policy Structure


P-1005 Code of Conduct and Ethics

M-1005 Conflict of Interest

P-1010 Discipline and Complaints


P-1015 Criminal Offenses and Investigations


P-1020 Scope & Authority


P-1025 Signing of Binding Agreements

M-1025 Signing of Binding Agreements  

P-1030 Appeal Policy


P-1034 Board Member Email Voting


P-1035 Board Member Review & Training


P-1040 Board Governance Review


P-1041 Board Governance 


P-1045 Members in Good Standing


P-1050 Affiliate Accreditation Standards


P-1055 Community Program Standards


P-1060 Sanctions For Non-Compliance


P-1065 Endorsements/Sanctions for Events

M-1065 Endorsements Sanctions

P-1070 Incident Management


P-1080 Affiliate Closure



Provincial Sport Policies

Management Sport Policies

P-3001 Athlete Eligibility

M-3001 Atlantoaxial Instability


M-3002 Athlete Eligibility for Competition

P-3005 Personal Safety


P-3015 Coaching Qualifications

M-3015 Coaching Qualifications

P-3020 Officials Qualifications

M-3020 Officials Selection


M-3021 Floor Hockey Officials Standards

P-3025 Awards

M-3025 Awards - Of the Year


M-3026 Awards - Community


M-3027 Volunteer Service Recognition

P-3030 Sport Program Management

M-3030 New Affiliate or Community Program Start


M-3031 Affiliate Sport Equipment

P-3035 Sport Classification


P-3040 Fair Play

M-3040 Competition Conduct - Rules Committee Protest Procedure


M-3041 Divisioning for Competition

P-3045 High Performance Programs


P-3050 Integrated Opportunities

M-3050 Integrated Opportunities

P-3053 Bidding to Host Event

M-3053 Bidding to Host Provincial Games

P-3055 Provincial Games

M-3055 Provincial Games


M-3056 Provincial Games Quota Allotment


M-3057 Games Accommodation


M-3058 Provincial Games Mission Staff

P-3060 Provincial Team Selection

M-3060 Provincial Team Selection


M-3061 Athlete Selection Individual Sport


M-3062 Selection Team Sport


M-3063 Athlete Selection Figure Skating


M-3064 Athlete Selection Rhythmic Gymnastics


M-3065 Athlete Selection Powerlifting


M-3066 Athlete Selection 10 Pin Bowling


M-3067 Athlete Selection 5 Pin Bowling


M-3068 Provincial Team – Coach Selection


M-3069 Provincial Team – Mission Staff Selection


M-3070 Provincial Team – Athlete Conduct


M-3071 Provincial Team - Coach or Mission Conduct

Provincial Administration Policies

Management Administration Policies

P-4005 Provincial Office Role


P-4010 Customer Service & Stakeholder Feedback


P-4015 Provincial Office Services


P-4020 Registration

M-4020 Registration- Athletes, Coaches and Volunteers


M-4021 Registration Process

P-4022 Volunteer Orientation

M-4022 Volunteer Orientation

P-4025 Volunteer Screening

M-4025 Volunteer Screening

P-4030 Website Access and Online Presence

M-4030 Internal Website Guidelines

P-4035 Transportation

M-4035 Transportation                  

Provincial Finance and Reporting Policies

Management Finance and Reporting Policies

P-5005 Bank Accounts


P-5010 Inspection of Records


P-5015 Reporting-Provincial Audit


P-5020 Reporting- Affiliates

M-5025 Financial Assistance Service

P-5030 Donations-Charitable Receipts

M-5030 Donations-Charitable Receipts

P-5035 Honorariums

M-5035 Honorariums

P-5040 Spending-Payment Approval

M-5040 Purchasing Budgeted & Non-Budgeted Items

P-5041 Spending – Purchase Approval for Non-Budgeted Items


P-5045 Expense Claims

M-5045 Expense Reimbursement

P-5050 Investments


P-5055 Reserve Fund


P-5060 Casino-Management & Revenue Sharing

M-5060 Casino Revenue Sharing Model

P-5061 Revenue Sharing Distribution

M-5061 Revenue Sharing Summary

P-5065 Use of Donations


Provincial Marketing and PR Policies

Management Marketing and PR Policies

P-6005 Fundraising Accountability


P-6010 Fundraising by Affiliates & Provincial Games Organizing Committees

M-6010 Donor Clearance and Management Guidelines

P-6030 Provincial Brand Management

M-6030 Sub Program (Affiliate) Visual Identity


M-6032 Provincial Games & Tournament Visual Identity


M-6040 Member Communications

P-6035 Planned Gifts


Provincial Terms of Reference


P-7005 Affiliate Management Committee


P-7010 Provincial Sport Council


P-7015 Finance, Risk & Audit Committee


P-7020 Human Resources Committee


P-7025 Stakeholder Engagement Committee


P-7030 Athlete Leadership Committee


P-7035 ALETR Executive Council


P-7040 Affiliate Representative Council


P-7050 Honorary Fans